The Game und Snoop Dogg versöhnen Bloods und Crips!

Beste Rapper der Welt: Snoop Dogg als bewegte Zeichnung


Die Macht des Friedens ist bei diesem Duo zurzeit heftig!

Nachdem Snoop Dogg und The Game sich aktiv um den Dialog zwischen Afro-Amerikanern und der Polizei bemüht haben, um die Gewaltspirale möglichst schnell einzudämmen, verzeichen sie einen weiteren Erfolg.

Auf einen Schlag, wie über Nacht, schaffen es die beiden die Gangs von Los Angeles zu versöhnen. Sie rufen zu Frieden und Verständnis auf und sprechen dabei direkt ihre assoziierten Gans, Bloods und Crips an.

Das Ergebnis: Im South LA Community Center treffen die Gruppen aufeinander und unterzeichnen einen dauerhaften Waffenstillstand. Bis auf die Bloods und Crips waren auch weitere Gangs eingeladen.

Als neutrale Seite trat Nation of Islam auf.

We each have to take the initiative to create change within ourselves before we can ask anyone else to do so….. I am responsible for myself & I offer my hand to anybody from anywhere to shake it…… I LOVE ALL MY BROTHERS & I want you to LIVE homie….. If you feel the same way, reach out & extend your hand to someone & let’s alter our futures one person at a time !!!!! I signed it 1st……… The opportunity to save lives is yours too if you want it……. OUR CHILDRENS FUTURE IS AT STAKE #HUNTmovement #LosAngeles #JusticeOrElse #NationOfIslam #CityOfRefuge #UnitedInPeaceFoundation #TheWayToHappiness #Crip #Blood #Ese #CeaseFire #BlackAndBrownPride [TAG SOMEONE IN THIS POST & LET THEM SEE WE ARE TOGETHER & THEIR LIVES MATTER TO US AS WELL] & I WILL ASK EVERYONE BELOW THAT WILL COMMENT NEGATIVELY & HATE…. WHAT THE **** ARE „YOU“ DOING TO HELP

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Good morning world. I hope everyone slept well….. Los Angeles, on behalf of myself @SnoopDogg, & the honorable @louisfarrakhan I want to extend the invitation to all CRIPS, BLOODS, ESE’s & all other gang members, major figures & GANG LEADERS from every hood in our city as well as the surrounding cities to our meeting 11am this morning, July 17th at 8039 S. Vermont Ave Los Angeles, California 90044 to have the much needed conversation amongst ourselves about our influence on the youth in our respective neighborhoods & how we can serve as better role models to them & the brothers we stand beside daily…. Because the sad truth that no one wants to face is, before we can get OUR LIVES TO MATTER to anyone else… We have to show that OUR LIVES MATTER to US !!!! WE have been responsible for more of the KILLING of ourselves than anyone else by a long shot & the percentages in which BLACK on BLACK, BLACK on BROWN, BROWN on BLACK, BROWN on BROWN murders are so high verses any other killing of us that it is disgusting & this needs to be addressed & laid to rest !!!!! Don’t think we can’t change it & better ourselves, lead by example & make our city a safer place for our children…. Because together, WE CAN !!!! I’m asking everyone who will attend: DO NOT bring any weapons or anything illegal. Do not come high or belligerent.. We don’t need any HOT HEADS or anyone there for the wrong reasons or you will respectfully dealt with & REMOVED from the building… We will stand as we are, UNIFIED. I’m calling ALL GANGS, of ALL RACES, ALL GROWN MEN affiliated or not & WE WILL STAND UNIFIED SUNDAY !!!! Our numbers are all the weapons we need !!! We do not need to be dumb, retarded or uncivilized Sunday… ALL WE NEED IS EACH OTHER… I will not lead any of you into a trap !!!!! LET’S do the opposite of what we’ve been doing & show the world that we are MORE than the problem… Thank you – Game

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The Game und Snoop Dogg versöhnen Bloods und Crips!

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